About Us

From a place of complete honesty, I will admit, this isn’t my first attempt made to bring a website of it’s kind to the public.

Many years ago, I launched Son of a Business to add a different and at times, edgier perspective to the small business entrepreneur narrative that was plastered across the inter-webs.

Unfortunately, I went about things the wrong way. I entered into the Son of a Business project breaking nearly every rule of business that I preached about on every post I wrote, and it cost me. Money, time, and sleepless nights.

My motivation, which is similar to many who enter into a money making project, was to, well, make money. Nothing more, nothing less. That motivation showed in the work that I did. It was poor, at worst, and sloppy at best. An amateurishly designed website with loads of information stuffed into articles that were unreadable and would end without making a solid point. I failed my audience, and Son of a Business failed, completely. I packed up and left the internet to lick my wounds and mull over what I did wrong.

After some time, new experiences, and personal development, I felt it was time to try again. But this time, I came with a purpose. I’m here to get out information that helps people, in a similar way that people who have come into my life have helped me in regards to being a better entrepreneur.

In addition, with my pride locked away, I went looking for help. I wanted to find varying voices. Different perspectives that will help anyone looking to find real, usable advice and solutions to their entrepreneurial issues walk away with something useful.

Sure, there’s a few websites that touch on the topic of business, but let’s be honest, how many are easy to read? A small few, right? How many talk more about real, usable solutions, and less about theory? Even less.

I’ve developed a team, and a vision, put it in a blender, and out came Skydiving with Sharks. I hope you enjoy and grow from it.

An organization of experienced entrepreneurs, we have gathered together in one easy-to-use website a large variety of business oriented articles, blogs and stories for small business owners. 

Our goal is to empower entrepreneurs and small business to successfully launch their business, more easily overcome the challenges of growth, and build a successful long term business. 

Join the entrepreneurial revolution and discover valuable tips and advice to grow your business.



Willie Edwards

The Editor