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If there’s one thing I always look for when starting a business venture, it’s an edge that I can have over my Close Competitioncompetition. Beating out other restaurant competition is no exception. There are thousands of new restaurants opening in the US and, should you decide or have already decided to be the next great restaurant in your area, you’ll want an angle that will set you apart from those few dozen restaurants opening in your region.

Unless you have something gimmicky working for your establishment like eating in complete darkness or having your restaurant appear to be stuck in the 1950’s, you’ll have a difficult time shining above other restaurants nearby, both operational and (in rare cases) defunct.

With all the overhead and needs that restaurants require, who has the money to tie up in gimmicks? Who has the money to hire a celebrity chef in order to gain mass appeal? How can you add value that people aren’t used to having? Value that keeps customers coming back.

Fresh produce grown through hydroponics, my friend.

I was scanning an affiliate company I belong to, looking for resources I can tell you about. Something that helps you the reader, and the site as well. (Just being honest.)

Then I found something that reminded me of a show I saw about a year ago involving Gordon Ramsay.

In this episode, Ramsey was trying to turn around a failing restaurant, and seemed to discover something awesome, that the failing restaurant owners completely overlooked.

Their restaurant was connected to a farm. Yes, a farm. Not multiple acres, but a farm nonetheless. And without going verbatim, Gordon Ramsey expressed his opinion, stating that restaurant patrons will love the fact that their food will be grown so close to the restaurant and is guaranteed to be fresh.

Now here’s what many of you are probably thinking. “I don’t have a farm.” “I don’t have the space to grow food to feed multiple diners.” No, you may not have a farm, but you do have space.Hydroponic Tomatoes ripening

Hydroponic technology, which is pretty old tech might I add, will help you grow award winning produce in places as small and as cramped as a closet.

What does that mean for you?

That means that you can produce your own, well, produce. You can cut out the middle man, or at the very least, reduce the amount you need to buy by growing your own herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Think of the savings! Plus, if you go overboard, or your crops grow out of control, you can always wholesale or donate what you can’t use.

What made me really jump at the opportunity to bring this information to you, is how often your produce will be ready for harvest in a single year, with some of these fruits and vegetables being ready for harvest in about a month. That’s multiple times a year that you can tell your produce supplier “Not this month. I got this.” (Granted, you can always stagger the planting times to consistently have harvest-able produce given Hydroponic Harvesting chartthat you have extra room.)

Saving the best thing for last, the other reason why I couldn’t ignore hydroponics is because of the edge that it gives your restaurant.

You can brag to your potential customers that you source produce locally. You can say that your restaurant grows the food you prepare. You can also claim to be a green and sustainable restaurant.

Not many restaurateurs will have fresher produce than you. These are things you can claim. All without dumping tons of money into decor, uniforms, or big time chef salaries.

And for $35, you have nothing to lose. Besides the stuff that you’ll likely have to buy to facilitate growing (lights, row table, ect.), which will likely pay for itself.

To order this program, check out Hydroponics Simplified. The ordering process is fast and easy.

Just remember. Ordering this program will not magically bring that edge I was speaking about earlier to your restaurant. You actually have to put in the work and start growing crops.


Hydroponic setupIf you can’t do the work yourself, you can probably have an employee spend an hour or two a day tending to this project. Have a family member or a friend to it. Just don’t spend the $35 and not use the information.

I’m a firm believer in hydroponics and have seen relatives use it with much success. But that success came with a lot of trial error and money spent.

Try this hydroponics program and avoid wasting valuable time trying to find out what works. At $35, you really can’t lose.











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