10 Healthy Food Additions That Will Keep You Feeling Full Longer


Almonds deliver protein and healthy fats.

Almonds have a high satiety value. Just a handful eaten as a snack, or accompanying a small meal will give you a few hours of satisfaction. The popular nut has healthy fats, plus magnesium and vitamin E, helping support your body’s cholesterol and cardiovascular system. The protein within almonds also aid you in feeling full longer.

How you eat almonds matter too.  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study in January 2009, that found that people who chewed their almonds 40 times or more felt fuller afterward than people who only chewed their almonds about 10 times before swallowing.

Chia seeds expand, keeping you feeling full.

Do you remember the chia pets of old, right? If not, open a new tab and check it out on YouTube. The instruction for the seed require you to soak 2 teaspoons of chia seeds in water for a half an hour. What occurs is a thickening expansion of the chia seeds and water into something like pudding or jelly. That’s what you want to happen in your stomach to give you that long lasting tummy satisfaction. Especially if the consistency of said jelly texture ruins your dish. Add chia seeds to hot cereals (after cooking them), yogurt and just about any savory or sweet meal just before digging in.

The key is to combine your chia charged meal with a glass of water (or your favorite beverage). Chia seeds have a blend of fiber, fats, and protein, which will deliver long lasting energy.


The protein in meat will fill you up.

Lean meats like chicken breast and certain cuts of steak are high in protein. These proteins have been proven to leave you feeling full longer; a study discovered that people who ate a meal with high-protein meat versus a high-carb meal for lunch ate 12% less at dinner. In addition, beef scores 176 on the satiety index,  second only to fish.


Avocado is the way to go.

A study in 2014 showed that women who ate half of an avocado with lunch felt 22% more satisfied than those who didn’t. Additionally, those women who added avocado to their meals, lowered their desire to snack three hours later by 24% when compared to days they ate lunch without an avocado.

Add slices to a sandwich, cut them into cubes for salad, or go for the guac to enjoy the filling effect.



Eggs are cheap, can be prepared tons of ways, and will keep you feeling full for a good while. Registered Dietician Julie Kaye explained to Women’s Digest, “Eggs are a perfect combination of protein and fat, so they’re more satisfying than other breakfast foods.” Furthermore, studies show that overweight people who ate eggs for breakfast stayed satisfied much longer and had decreased levels of the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin.


Sweet potatoes are a quality complex carb.

Most healthy eating gurus generally advise against starches because of its carbohydrate count, but starches rich in complex carbohydrates, such as sweet potatoes, will fuel your body with nutrients. Based on an article from livestrong.com, sweet potatoes and other complex carbs can effectively satiate you. Mostly because carbs cause your brain to release serotonin, signaling to your brain that you are satisfied (before you’re literally full).

Take a cheese grater to a sweet potato to make hash browns for breakfast, or bake a sweet potato with a lean meat at lunch or dinner time to really hit the spot.


Based on Studies, oatmeal will keep you full longer than other breakfast foods.

Instead of a bowl of cereal and milk, opt for oatmeal and you will likely feel full for a crazy amount of time. Scientific American mag credits this to fiber and the actual feeling, called viscosity, of oatmeal in your mouth. “Viscosity is generated by the particular fiber in oatmeal, which is called β-glucan,” explains research dietitian Candida Rabello. “The fiber is affected by the manner in which it is processed.”



Fish is the most filling food listed on the satiety index, which ranks foods based on its ability to keep people feeling satisfied and full. In addition to staving off hunger and helping you resist the urge to indulge in snacks, varieties of fish like salmon are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are helpful in controlling your blood pressure, improving bone, and joint health, improving brain function, and eye health.


Quinoa should be on your side (dish).

Though Live Science reminds us that quinoa is a seed, and not the grain its most commonly mistaken for, there’s no confusion about the nutrients packed into a serving of it. In contrast to pasta or white rice, quinoa is loaded with tons of vitamins and minerals, along with fiber and protein that make it a great meal addition. If you don’t eat gluten, don’t fret. This holy grail of food options is highly recommended for those who follow a gluten-free diet.


Have an apple 30 minutes before a meal.

Am I the only one who thinks about “an apple a day” keeping “the doctor away”, when thinking of the greatness of apples? In any case, that saying delivers a solid reminder that apples are unrivaled for naturally boosting your immune system (as a result of quercetin, the natural chemical within them), and they’re also one of the most filling, fiber-rich snacks available. Debra Wein, RD, via Health.com suggests eating an apple approximately a half an hour before a meal to make the most of its benefits.

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10 Healthy Food Additions That Will Keep You Feeling Full Longer

Almonds deliver protein and healthy fats. Almonds have a high satiety value. Just a handful eaten as a snack, or accompanying a small meal will give...
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