A simple change that gives you all day energy? Let’s find out.



Sherry Khachatryan, R.N., in conjunction with centraljersey.com points out that a “simple” change to something that we do every day can increase and extend our energy levels in times when we need it most. Oh, no. I don’t mean just making it through the 2 o’clock crawl (or the 3 o’clock slump). I’m talking about that time after the hours of 9 and 5. That time when you need to plow through your evening workout, or help the kiddies with their homework.

Balancing work and family can be a struggle in a busy professional’s world. When you work 40-plus hours a week, not much time or energy remains for other enriching activities. The most accessible options for relaxation are sitting on the couch and watching TV or getting to bed early to make up for those missed hours. This all too common pattern results in a decline in your quality of life.

For many of us, we have the unquenchable thirst to enjoy our lives outside of the toils of work. We absolutely want to experience the best quality of life possible. But how can we busy professionals increase our energy reserves? And is it actually simple?

According to Sherry Khachatryan:

*If your low energy isn’t the result of a sluggish thyroid, depression or an autoimmune disease, then you can easily double your energy by making small changes in your daily routine. The most important change is eating whole foods to ensure your body is getting the proper nutrients it needs.

What leads Sherry to make this statement?

It might come as a surprise to you when I say the solution is simple. The fast-paced lifestyle often goes hand-in-hand with fast food eating habits. Not providing our bodies with the nutrition it needs opens the door to various disorders and chronic diseases. Low energy is a warning sign that needs to be taken seriously.

The fast food that Sherry Khachatryan is referring encompasses but is not limited to burgers and fries marketed by your favorite pale faced clown and creepy looking king. Cakes, cookies, and other junk, though okay in moderation, doesn’t give you the substantial fuel to charge through the rest of your day.

Removing sugar from your diet is the single most important step. Sugar is addictive. The average American consumes close to 20 teaspoons of sugar a day. It is unfortunately found in almost every processed food like soda, flavored yogurt and even protein bars. It does give you a burst of energy that leaves you craving more. The vicious cycle never ends. It causes weight gain, skin problems, and heart disease to name a few.

Taking Sherry Khachatryan’s comments a bit further, carbs or simple carbs to be exact, are the enemy of your energy stores. According to WebMD, a person feels sleepy after eating carbohydrates because carbs make tryptophan and serotonin more accessible to the brain.

With that statement, does anyone else have flashbacks of thanksgiving dinner? Well guys, every time you eat lunch, you’re likely having a similar meal. The protein in your lunch is loaded with tryptophan, and the amount that reaches your brain hinges on how many carbs you take in. Think about that the next time you and your co-workers pitch in for pizza.

My suggestion: About 25 grams of unprocessed protein and a low carb, high fiber unprocessed fruit or vegetable to accompany it. Choosing a slow carb that’s high in fiber is the lunchtime sweet spot, keeping you energized longer, and keeping your belly satisfied just as long.


Read Sherry Khachatryan’s article in detail here.

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