Choosing A Home-Based Job: Avoiding Scams




The concept of making money from home has existed for a longer time than many are accustomed to think. Even before the rise of technology, people have lived off of their lands and have managed to earn a living without having to go to a particular workplace. This is actually something that is popular among the working class, with many farmers owning lands of their own where they produce their own products both for their consumption and for sales.


Regardless if it is about running a cottage industry or if it is about maintaining a farm, many of today’s society’s ancestors have earned their living in the same place where they have eaten and slept.


Today, making money from home has become popular once more, with more and more options of how you can work from home appearing in many places across the internet.


The Truth About Home-based Employment


After the Industrial Revolution, the common definition of a “workplace” has been a building located miles away from home. After the rise of factories and big metropolis areas filled with business offices, the commonly accepted belief was that work and home do not mix. It has become such a widely accepted belief that the idea of working from home had become such a far-fetched and even ridiculous concept.


However, making money from home has not really gone out of style and has never actually died, unlike what most people believe. It has actually experienced resurgence thanks to the Internet. With computers and internet connectivity becoming less and less expensive, it has become much easier for many people to ditch waking up early in the morning to go to a workplace far away and start working in a space five steps away from their kitchen.


The key benefit that many home-based employees cite regarding home-based work is the fact that they do not need to go somewhere else just so they can earn money. Many jobs, including freelance writing, blogging, virtual secretarial work, and even retail can be done from the comfort of one’s home. It makes it possible for people to work in an environment where they are most at ease, and it eliminates unnecessary expenses such as fees on buses, taxis, or trains. Not only that, home-based employment means that people can establish a close relationship with their families. It essentially eradicates the possibility of being alienated from one’s loved ones, especially children, since people do not really need to leave them.


However, even if this is a fantastic benefit, it does require a lot of discipline, which is why this type of employment is not ideal for a lot of people. For some, work and home cannot simply be put together – there is a place for work, there is a place to relax, and the workplace has to be far away. There are some who would not be able to resist the temptation of just sitting in front of the television or browsing social media through their computers. Procrastination is a big problem for people who are more accustomed to working onsite, so home-based employment requires not only discipline, but also self-motivation, and little need for social interactions.


But if you decide that this is the right way for you to go, then you can start looking for the perfect job. Regardless if you want to work freelance or to work under just one company, there are a ton of options that you can choose from. However, with the vast array of choices you have also comes the chance that you may be scammed by a fake company.


The most telltale sign that a company is a scam is if they promise the good old “work a little, earn a lot” concept. When you browse forums and comment sections on different websites, you may have noticed a person who has commented that they earn hundreds of dollars a day or that they know someone who earns thousands of dollars without having to leave their home.


Here are some scams you should look out for:


  • Mystery shopping. This is not necessarily a scam, since many companies actually hire people to shop at specific stores or try out restaurants and then report back about their experiences. This is done for the purpose of quality control, and on most occasions they are legit. However, the scam version requires applicants to provide their feedback through a MoneyGram or Western Union outlet, and then requires them to deposit that amount into their bank account. Afterwards, the applicants are told to go to the MoneyGram or Western Union outlets to send a portion of that amount from their bank accounts to a specific location. The check that this company will provide is actually fraudulent and the employee is simply sending their own money to the scammers.


  • Google cash. This scam goes by many names, but they operate under one tactic: these companies will try to sell search engine-provided tools and are told how to make money off of those tools. When you purchase these services, what happens is you will initially be charged $3 to $5 for the service. However, after fourteen days, your subscription will be elevated to a monthly status, and you will need to pay an amount not more than $50 every month to stay subscribed, and after 30 days they will charge you $99. They will inform you that you can unsubscribe, but in reality, you really can’t since they will provide no form of communication.


Working from home is not a thing for everybody, but if you think that this is the best thing for you, just be careful of avoiding any scams out there promising big salaries for little effort.


Everyone dreams of being financially secure, and it can be hard to resist the temptation coming from companies who promise to make you rich without you having to work until you are tired. Remember that all money is earned from hard work. If something is too good to be true, it probably is. Be aware of red flags such as little information about the company, no contact information, and non-existent offices.


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