If you do at least 5 of these 15 things, you might be a narcissist




We all know at least one, but could it be possible that you’re one of them too? Gasp!! Maybe. Narcissism is everywhere, and with social media chugging full steam ahead, there’s never been a better time to let the world know that “it’s all about you.” Problem is, narcissistic people are unbearable, even to narcissistic people. And I don’t have to tell you it’s one of society’s least desired characteristics.

But fear not! Below are 15 traits of narcissists. Just know that having one, two, or even three of these traits doesn’t mean much. But if you recognize multiple traits in yourself, you might be narcissistic.

Seek help.


1You make everything about you.


Anyone is guilty of this from time to time, but the narcissist will take the conversation and steer it in their direction consistently.

The narcissist could ask you about your day, but it’s more of a way to start a conversation in which they will become the subject. They also tend to interrupt and change the subject.

On the extreme end, a narcissist will get angry when you try to assert your opinion. The narcissist is always right even if their conclusion is illogical.




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