Keys to Developing Personnel Management and Leadership Skills pt1



How to handle and work with your “employees”
Part 1 of 2


Welcome guys! I figure I should speak on the crucial topic of developing Leadership skills this time. You may be able to relate if you work for someone other than yourself right now. It is important that we understand what having happy and confident workers means to our bottom line. I hope many of you will get something out of this article, but this bit of commentary was written more so for those of us who are not aware of the value we have in the people we hire.

I also want to include the mindset we need to have so we can form the best Workforce within our companies without much effort. Sorry for the seriousness friends, but you’ll thank yourself later for hanging in there with me…. right now.

Come sit a little closer guys. And get comfortable. We may be here a while.

For various reasons, many entrepreneurs think less of their workers once they are officially “in business”.  Some of us don’t even like the idea of having employees and would like to hire as few as realistically possible. We see them as a means to an end. On top of that, they can be a risky investment.(What if they steal? What if they destroy something?) They may even seem like more of a liability than anything, especially when you feel the need to fire one.

So why wouldn’t we see them as liabilities? I mean, come on, they are the “out-go” on your income statements. (If you don’t use income statements, get in the habit!!) And talk about “out-go”… Sometimes the amount of bread you have to part ways with can make your stomach feel like it’s doing floor exercises at the Olympics. I can relate. Long story short, it can cost, both mentally and financially, to hire help.

With all that being said, we must touch on why we need to “take care” of the folks we do hire. What do I mean when I say “take care”? Well, boys and girls, that means you must “get rid” of them like in those mafia flicks when they become too expensive or problematic!! Then you dump them in your local lake or river. Certainly you know I’m kidding (we are entrepreneurs, not killers). Unfortunately though, much of the working class (who work under “flawed” management) “feel” as though they are being taken cared of in such a way, only to be brought back to life the next day for more punishment. Think of what that can do to morale! Morale is everything, ladies and gentlemen. Build it in your company, and protect it.

I’ve had conversations with people of many career backgrounds. Of all the folks I’ve spoken to, the majority cannot stomach the treatment they receive on the job. They dread returning to work. A resounding amount of these people have agreed that the money that they would make was not worth the stress they had to deal with at their respective jobs.  Since their stress out weights their compensation, many noticed that they were not nearly as motivated to give their best effort as they did when they first began their job. There was nothing to strive for. Just a paycheck.

What about you? You may have a story about the struggle to be respected, appreciated, and recognized. (Leave your feelings in the comment section.)

I think we can all agree when I say that this struggle should be brought to light. As new and newly reformed business people, it will be up to us whether this struggle will, a.) Live under our leadership, or, b.) Be laid to rest with no chance of resurrection.

Just remember one thing, if this struggle lives, morale dies.

As entrepreneurs and budding business owners, we are obligated to take care of the people on our payroll. They are our teammates. We need not see them as our employees or “associates”.

Do you want to win at entrepreneurship? I mean, do you really want to win? Then “build” a solid team! Just so we are clear, what I’m suggesting is that you build the team that you have (or will have). You’ve already went through the chore of finding employees who are qualified. It can be done. You can transform your group into a powerhouse of a team!! I am a witness! Hallelujah!!

As the coach of this team, you must give direction to your team. You gotta energize your team. You’ll have to (sparingly) put a foot in a butt or two on your team. Most importantly, you must, you must, you must praise your team, both together and individually. When you sense a bit of weakness in a player, work with that player “tactfully” to make him stronger. This is your team. When you criticize, you damage morale. And your team may lose games.

You certainly don’t want to lose when there’s money involved.

I will end here for now. Keep your eyes peeled for part 2 of this article. And if anyone wants to add to this article, please add what you can to the comment box. We learn from each other.


Also, check out this speech that I found on Youtube. The tingle you feel when you hear this speech is the tingle that you want your employees to feel when you are shouting words of encouragement.


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