Listen. I know you’re interested in learning how to play the piano and you’re hoping to find the best course that teaches you piano easily, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here reading my words. Well, so was I until I stumbled on to a piano course that is blowing me away. So much so, that I can stake my life on the fact that your search is over once you realize how important this course will be to your ability to learn and play the piano.


Let me give you a backstory which motivated me to check this piano course out.

When I was ten, with my mom’s help, I attempted to learn the piano for the first time. My mom knew, just as you know of yourself, that I had this craving to express my creativity through art and music. And considering how much I loved music, my mom couldn’t bare to let my desire go unappeased.

She decided to send me to a neighbor’s house just down the street to take lessons. It just so happens that my neighbor was a gifted piano player and teacher.


Or so I thought.

Our gifted piano playing neighbor had an equally gifted price tag on his lessons. I don’t remember how much his asking price was, but I remember my mom finding out, and walking away in disappointment and defeat. Sadly, my mom, being a single parent and raising three boys alone, couldn’t afford the tutoring. I was crushed.


My neighbor, being the firm but fair elder in the neighborhood, decided to teach me in exchange for me doing chores around his place and periodic corner store runs. I was in business!

Much of my first, and only lessons, were about reading music and getting to know the piano. Sadly, before I got the opportunity to learn an actual song, my neighbor ended up in the hospital. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it back home. My chances of learning how to play the piano, let alone under the instruction of a world class piano player, had instantly faded away.

What didn’t fade away, was that deep down desire to be able to play my favorite songs as well as popular songs, on the piano (and the guitar). It just seemed like a good instructor or piano course was out of my reach. The price for lessons were either unreasonable, or the courses were mind-numbingly boring and ineffective.

But years later, by sheer happenstance, I found this piano learning course being discussed on Reddit. Compared to hiring a piano teacher, it was dirt cheap, so I bought it. Of course it was a no brainer!

So far, it’s Amazing! The way this guy teaches you how to play the piano is revolutionary.

He teaches through instant gratification. It’s insane how powerful this method is.

It’s the same method that casinos use to cultivate slot machine addiction in their gamblers. Even when a gambler pulls the handle and loses, there’s a good chance that they will get instant gratification in the form of bells, flashing lights, and a perceived increase in their total credits. That gratification keeps them invested, and they are compelled to gamble until their money is gone.

Sounds depressing, right? I know. But instant gratification works differently when learning a skill versus gambling your money away.

It’s scientific, really.

Not only does it help to lock in more of what you learn, but it also makes you obsessed with learning more to further that positive feedback loop.

I want you to think back to that scene in the Karate Kid, when Daniel begins to feel that the chores he was doing for Mr. Miyagi had nothing to do with him getting stronger and better as a martial artist. Daniel begins to get discouraged and considers quitting. At that moment, Mr. Miyagi decided to apply instant gratification, to let Daniel know that he’s much more skilled than he knew. By the end of that scene, Daniel realized, in stunned fashion, how much further he was in his training than he once thought.

Picture this realization happening to you, each and every time you complete a lesson, and you realized that you just played another song chorus, or whole verses. And it happened so easily and unexpectedly. Right at that moment near the end of the lesson, when you detect the melody and instantly say to yourself, “I know this song! I can’t believe I’m playing it!”

Over a short period of time, you’ll notice that you can even practice doing the previous lessons on piano without the course work being in front of you.

Also, Robin Hall gets right to the meat and potatoes of learning the piano. No fluff. No dumb, useless songs like Chopsticks or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. No unnecessary theory. No memorization exercises. Just straight to the point lessons that quickly strengthen muscle memory. Plus, you are getting multi-genre instruction, giving you the option to play (and compose) songs from jazz to classical, from blues to pop, and so on. Good luck getting the $50 per lesson piano teacher you found on Craigslist, who likely specializes in one or two genres max, to teach you with that level of variety.

Now do you see why I’m so enamored with this piano course?! Even I’m stunned by the progress I’m making. (Yup. I’m still working at it. WHAT? You don’t believe me?)



Would I lie to you?


I know you might be frustrated with the other means you’ve been trying to learn the piano. Heck, you might’ve lost money taking piano lessons, side by side with a tutor. Well, put those losses behind you.

Today is a new day, and the start of your short journey to piano proficiency. But don’t let my grand words get your hopes incredibly high. Nothing is magic, and you’ll obviously get out what you put in. Realistically, you won’t be going from novice to playing gigs at your local jazz club in six short months. You can, in six months, be able to play a collection of songs and also develop your ability to read, learn, and play chords from songs that you can find online. Even if a piano wasn’t used in the song. In six short months, you’ll be playing songs for friends and family with the ability to add your own soulful improvisations that will make those songs feel more like your own. Your friends will lose their minds as they watch you play covers of their favorite songs and inject your own personality and heart into them, until the songs you play almost have a life of their own.

You really should try this course out. I think it was the best $79 I’ve spent so far in years, and I’m pretty sure you’ll agree once this course is in your hands.


Update: There’s a sale going on for this course, that brings the total all the way down to $39. I created a timer to show zeros on the day that the sale is over, so get this course while the discount is still available. The original $79 is well worth the 200+ lessons alone. But of course, who doesn’t like a discount, so why not take advantage and get it for a steal?

Click here and get a copy of PianoForAll, risk free!!



Before you click the link and get a copy for yourself, let me ask you a few questions, because your answers should tell you if you’re making the right decision.

  • Do you have a piano or keyboard (keytar?), or can get your hands on one?
  • Are you able to carve out at least 30 minutes a day to learn and review past lessons?
  • Can you spare at least 45 minutes a few times a week to practice the notes, cords, and songs you’ll learn in this course?

How about this…..

  • Do you have a personal goal that mastering the piano will help you realize (or is simply mastering the piano your goal)?

For example, my goal is to be able to play songs by ear, so I can have more flexibility in learning to playing exactly the songs I want to play. Whether I can find sheet music or chords online or not.

If your answer is yes to the above questions, then I think you might be ready. So what are you waiting for? Click the link and get Piano for All while it’s still discounted.

Click here and get a copy of PianoForAll, risk free!!

Are you still here?

Okay, I get it. You’re just like me. I can’t fully commit to an investment unless I see some reviews. Well, here you go!!

This is Josh, who is now playing insanely well, based on his many YouTube videos. Josh pulls no punches in these reviews. He mentions the pros and cons of PianoForAll in a fair and unbiased manner. The first video is Josh after using PianoForAll for about 3 weeks. The second video shows his proficiency after 6 months.

It’s a mystery how a busy grad school student like Josh, who admits in his videos that he wasn’t always able to practice because of his busy schedule, managed to learn as much as he did in about 6 months. Below are videos of Josh a few weeks into starting PianoForAll, and 6 months after his first lesson. The progress he’s made is jaw dropping, but realistic. But the most over looked fact in Josh’s videos, is how fast he’s able to play chords after only a few weeks of starting PianoForAll (first video). See for yourself.

Click here and get a copy of PianoForAll, risk free!!


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