Virtual Assistant: When you need employees but low on cash



The first time I ever heard of or seen a virtual assistant was when I met my old business mentor for the first time. Whenever I would call him, I would always be forwarded to a person who would take a message for me. Minutes or even an hour or so later, he would return the calls. The person I was speaking to was his virtual assistant.

I thought it was cool having a Virtual Assistants operate worldwideperson that, in a way, is your company’s guardian angel. Keeping a watchful eye on whatever you ask them to monitor or handle, within the confines of their working schedule. No BS, ladies and gentlemen, this service is awesome!! More so because of the possibilities. Let me explain.

Virtual assistants have many of the same tasks as a live and in person assistant. The difference is that they operate online and over the phone. Some also handle things such as snail mailing, but in most cases, they stick to telecommunications.

A lot of these virtual assistants have specialties that you can capitalize on. As an example, my weakness in business is social media marketing. After a few things are squared away, my next goal will be to hire a virtual assistant that will can do basic tasks like follow up emails with with my suppliers, ect., but can put some expert time into developing and running my Twitter, Facebook, and Pintrest accounts.

Have I sold you on the awesomeness of having a Virtual assistant on your side? If I haven’t, it has to be Vitual Assistant Tasksbecause I haven’t explained what they can do.

So, imagine that you are starting a different business venture, and have $150,000 in the budget that you want to invest in a building with a store front. You are hoping to keep the cost of the purchase as close to your budget as possible, but you are willing to take a loan if that means you will be operating in a profitable location. Speaking of location, you want to be in a commercial district with tons of foot traffic, and low to no crime within the neighborhood and adjacent. 

This is the part where your virtual assistant swoops in and saves you from growing grey hairs, or losing them (if you have hair to begin with). 


In this scenario, your virtual assistant will:Virtual Assistant at work

  • Research information regarding you town or city to find commercial hot spots and data regarding the money that passes through that area.
  • Find properties in key locations for you to approve
  • Contact realtors handling your approved properties to make offers (If the properties are more expensive than your budget, your assistant will make an appointment to see a mortgage broker.)
  • Organize paperwork for you
  • Congratulate you on completing a major step in your new venture.


The other tasks your virtual assistant can handle are vast, but just the above mentioned duties for that hypothetical scenario would save a person hours on top of hours of valuable time. Time spent making exponentially more money than it would cost to pay a virtual assistant to do. And here’s the sweet, sweet icing on an already delicious cake…. 

You don’t pay any benefits to your assistant. No health insurance. No paid vacations. No workman’s comp. Just wages. OR, you can just hire them to complete an assignment, giving you more control over how much you spend.

Before you hire any admin employees, consider reducing your overhead. Hire a virtual assistant.

Start by going on, join, and post a job. That easy.

Share this post and spread the word if you think virtual assistants should be a well known resource in the small business community!!

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Virtual Assistant: When you need employees but low on cash

  The first time I ever heard of or seen a virtual assistant was when I met my old business mentor for the first time....
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